DIY Arduino Buttonbox — version 2 (eng)

This version of buttonbox is intended for iRacing pitting service. Idea is to form pit combo by special switches/encoders and then just push button and viola — pit combo was send!



Short description:
— red ON-OFF switches used for request to change tires — front (top one) and rear (bottom one)
— green ON-OFF switches used for request to clear windscreen (left one) and fast repair (right one)
— bottoms encoders acts like right & left arrow keys (left one) and up & down arrow keys (right one)
— 2 spring return switches on right side used to request to increase/decrease tire`s pressure
— encoder on the top-right used to indicating how much fuel to add
— red button serves to send pit combo to iRacing

So, at first you need to form your combo by switches and then it will be send to the game by pushing «Pit Combo» button. For example, if you check only top red switch — «#clear lf rf» will be send, or if you check both green switches then «#clear fr ws» will be send and so on. Two bottom encoders act as cursor keys, you can use them for prev/next control etc


Also I added led screen to view and check what pit combo will be. So on the pic above it shows (from left to right):
— decrease both front & rear tires pressure by 7
— change both & rear tires, clear windscreen and made fast repair
— add 10 litres of fuel
On the pic you can see corresponded pit combo sended to the game



I used:

  • 4 ON-OFF switches from local supplier
  • 3 encoders
  • 2 spring return switches
  • 1 max7219 based display (like this)
  • 1 button
  • 6 1kOm resistors (used for OneWireKeyboard)


You can download the sketch here, also you need to download RotaryEncoders library


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